By Michael Paul Miller

Kid Tales is a storybook filled with tales that will entertain early readers while challenging their creative skills and introducing more advanced vocabulary. Pre-readers will be equally enthralled as Mom and Dad read these fun stories of adventure as part of their nightly bedtime ritual.

Kid Tales focuses on the story itself, rather than illustrations, so that children are free to think about and interpret the characters and events for themselves. Your child will be encouraged to 'think outside the box', while brushing up on important auditory learning skills.

Jon L. Hoh, Jr. of calls Kid Tales a ‘delightful collection of children’s stories’ that ‘are rather humorous with a view from a child's eye.’
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Kid Tales consists of ten short stories that tell tales of sea captains, princesses, giant pet goldfish and other interesting characters, all of which are sure to stoke a child’s imagination.

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